Are you confused with how to lose weight… Or are you frustrated with how your body is NOT changing the way you want –


…even though you have tried all the diets, training, following the main stream advice?


…its not you’re fault.


This 7-Day Kick Start Fat Loss Diet is so successful with the both men and women that use it because the way I have designed ties in the science and proven steps needed for your body to turn ON fat-burning, its easy to use, and I add in all the answers to the common questions that many stumble with.


This has been adapted from being a staple of many successful weight loss programs that come from Charles Poliquin, Jonny Bowden and Mauro Di Pasquale.


This also being known as a “low carb boot camp” is a higher protein, lower carbohydrate guide thats foundation has major benefits for multiple reasons.


The difference with why this works so well, is not only the added extras that I add in, including video coaching that you get exclusive access to via the MBB Tribe members, but also because its the first step that is apart of the famous Total Transformation guide.

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A simple step-by-step guide to start with, as I know for you its not all about just ‘what’ to do… as there is a library of info, guides, and advice here on and — its also about ‘how’ to do it… this is where I bake in the professional physique coaching that you need, to ensure you get results and watch your body change from week to week.


Eating a high-protein, low-carb diet to lose fat and improve your health is shown with research to be one of the most effective and easy dietary lifestyle changes for fat loss and optimal health. but there are issues that come up in popular media, and also with dogma – some with truth behind it, and thats why here, I want to give you the fuss free insights to follow.


  • low-carb diets are hard to stick to.
  • carbohydrates are an essential nutrient in food.
  • restricting carbs from your diet may be dangerous to health.


When you decide that you want to lose weight, the common ‘go-to’ answer is straight off into a basic form of “eat less, and exercise more” – that simply takes into account the energy equation. If you burn more calories than you put in, you lose weight.


This is only part of the equation that it comes to when getting into shape and burning off fat, there is also the hormonal interactions that are effected with your diet, training and lifestyle. Key metabolic hormones don’t just work by themselves, they are interrelated, and this is another common missed concept.


Insulin, is an important hormone when it comes into fat loss and transforming your body, its powerful anabolic effects means it helps shuttle nutrients into cells – and this includes fat into fat cells. Also having high insulin can blunt the effects of fat-burning, so the timing of when you DO want to have insulin present in the blood stream is important.


Thyroid, glucagon, leptin, cortisol, and sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen are all affected when you start to ‘diet’, and with the negative affects being major reasons why people fail to lose weight and keep it off.


The power of protein is where the ‘secret sauce’ lies, its not just the starting phase of going low carb. Protein has many advantages including a higher thermic effect, makes you feel fuller for longer and helps you retain lean mass.


The real bang-for-your-buck is that this ties in the science of how and what your body need to burn fat with the realistic “I wan to live a life, be social, not be deprived of foods and look good” that I think you should have. I want you to get in shape, enjoy the process and not have to turn into a monk following a depriving diet and being miserable on it.


If your eating plan isn’t working for you, its tempting to make it more restricted. If you’re on a low-carb diet, and its not working, you think you might need to go no-carb or full ketogenic.


…But more restriction almost never works.


What you really need, and what isn’t in the main stream advice, fitness magazines or what personal trainers are taught is the guidance that your meal and diet plan has to tie in with your metabolism, hormonal environment, lifestyle and be a must be a process


…as your body and physiology changes so does your diet and training plan.


You can see now how important it is that for you to lose weight, burn fat an look the way you want, you really need a step by step guide to make it happen, and this is exactly why I’ve made this guide for you to start with.


Its Not About a Low-Carb Diet… Forever. Here’s Why:


The key to better short- and long-term metabolic and fat loss results is that its a ‘lifestyle’ changes rather than a quick fix effort focussing only on short term weight loss.


The statistics is like a slap in the face… 96% of people fail to lose weight and keep it off — and 66% of those people gain MORE weight than what they started with.


This is completely avoided by:


  • Starting the 7-Day Kick Start Fat Loss Diet
  • Following the next steps I give you after that introduce and use carbs to fuel fat loss
  • Use the guidance and advice to easily make lifestyle changes and not go back into bad ways that end up in fat gain.


This isn’t a Low Carb … forever plan, this is just step 1 – and why it being the beginning of the Total Transformation guide its so effective at fat loss and re-shaping your body.


Obviously, I recommend you are training frequently, and because of this you need to use “carbs to fuel fat loss” after this guide.


Restricting your carb intake too drastically and for too long can lead to:

  • Decreased thyroid output
  • Increased cortisol output
  • Decreased testosterone
  • Impaired brain and cognitive function
  • Muscle catabolism
  • Suppressed immune function


Simply put: Your metabolism might slow, stress goes up, muscle building hormones go down and your ability to burn fat goes down. Plus you will probably feel lousy, moody and sluggish.


Why Should I Start This Diet Now?


Importantly high protein, and controlled carb diets improve blood lipid markers, insulin health and lower systemic inflammation. This ties in with your body being able to burn fat and look the way you want, but there is also…


…Insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake ability is improved, which is a major reason I use this 14-day phase to be sure you have the benefits of; more fat loss, a decrees in waist circumference, a decrease in inflammation and a rapid metabolism.


So you want use a low-carb start to quickly get your body changing and set you up to get yourself in the shape and body you want, and be able to stay in that shape. The compelling reasons to choose to start this now are:


  1. Lose Fat – Lower carb, high protein diets are extremely effective for reducing body fat and preserving muscle.
  2. Eat Fewer Calories – Lower carb diets reduce food cravings and hunger.
  3. Less Hunger – The focus is not taking carbs low, its based on the protein, good fats and whole plant based carbs that are high in indigestible fibre.
  4. Increased Fat Burning – Reducing carb intake in favour of fat improved the boys ability to burn fat for energy.
  5. Avoid Leptin Resistance – Improving leptin sensitivity improves hunger and enhances sleep. By Avoiding leptin resistance your body doesn’t become resistant to fat loss, and by following the next steps after this 14-day guide and using carbs the ‘smart’ way supports the metabolic hormone cascade.

This is exactly why I said to you at the start of this article… “its not your fault”. You have been fed the wrong information, and its thick in the web, fitness magazines and common advice that is not working.


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