You’ve been told to “eat less and move more” to lose weight…


But it hasn’t worked!


As lets be honest…


We know that fish and veggies is healthier than a few slices of pizza.


We know that we should exercise more and weight training is a good part of this.


But have you ever thought to yourself…


“Why does a smart person like myself struggle with such a simple problem like trying to lose this weight?”


This is why Ben Coomber comes onto the My Body Blends show.


As we dive into:


*  How Ben not only transformed his body, but also his life.

*  Why your mindset and self belief is so important… and if this isn’t right, how easy it is to struggle with weight loss.

*  How your environment could be the ONE main factor stopping you from losing weight and transforming your body.

*  Could your husband, wife, partner be the problem behind you struggling with your weight loss?  


And if so… What to do about it.


PLUS so much more!




This is the stuff that really matters for when it comes to you getting in shape, staying in shape and being the best version of yourself.


I’m so happy to be sharing this with you today.


I invite you to join the discussion after the episode in The Limitless Body Community –


See you on the inside,