Imagine after weeks and months of hard work, gruelling training sessions, sticking to your diet and saying no to many things… and its just weeks out from your comp day.


The realisation hits you like a slap in the face “I’m not lean enough”what do you do?


Do you pull out of the comp and have to tell everyone you’re not doing it, do you go and step on stage in-front of everyone and the cameras and not be lean and in shape?


For you to get in ‘stage ready’ shape there are a few factors that you need to nail, and when you do it the ‘right’ way… you are going to be able to build shape and get condition lean, leaner than you ever have before.


…if you don’t then you are going to struggle and and go through the grind of day by day getting to your comp day and trying to be in shape.


Truth is… you can actually enjoy the process, sure their is hard work and sweat involved, but to achieve anything great its the same. The enjoyment I find actually comes in the commitment and hard work.


Depriving yourself, becoming anti-social, losing relationships and even harming your health though is NOT what healthy, successful comp prep involves.


So you’ve decided your going to compete, now its time to get you in the best shape of your life


…make sure you Read This article to make sure you avoid the 1 rule why you should not compete.


Develop A Clear Comp Prep Plan


The same as having a road map that takes you from where you are now, to where you want to go. There is the small short-term goals you need to follow along the way, but there is importantly the one major focus shift you need to take…


….focussing on behaviour over outcome.


This is all about focussing on what you need to do with your actions and behaviours day by day. Making your workouts, prepping your food, going to bed on time, sticking to your diet.


Where so many people go wrong is looking at their weight, or body fat measurements and that being the focus. If you follow through on your behaviours, and you have the right plan, the outcome will happen.


Invest In Expert Advice


I believe in personal training and coaching, and I put my money where my mouth is. I invest in myself to be coached and talk with the best coaches and mind in eh industry for my own prep, diet, training, and so I become a better coach as well, and learn the worlds best methods to use with my clients.


Myself using a coach means that I need to turn into ‘athlete’ mode when it comes to following through on my diet and training… and you need to do the exact same thing.


You don’t have to use me as your coach… this is a spiel to ‘hire me’. This is the proven advice that you need to have the expert in your corner, on your team and giving you the needed guidance and plan.


Comp Prep: Nutrition and Diet


You need to know where your current intake is. A food re-call or food diary for 3-days will give you a great insight into how much you’re eating, what you’re eating and when you’re eating.


The important foundation of your body being able to burn off body fat, and retain muscle and shape comes down to calories, and the energy equation of – energy in vs. energy out — and your hormones.


Rule #1


Don’t get caught up in the current fitness fad of a certain diet method, or if its all about eating 6-7 meals a day, or eating your carbs just at a certain time… other wise you go into ‘fat storing mode’.


The details of things such as nutrient timing, metabolic flexibility, diet methods, meal frequency and more do count. But its when you nail the basics that these factors matter.


I use all of the above, plus more when designing diets and training plans, this is all to give the best, most optimal result.


You need to change your calorie intake, and even macronutrient split as you progress along. This is where making small, needed changes along the way count for big results. The usual process of someones prep is if they see themselves stalling or fat loss plaeuting, they make huge changes in dropping calories, cutting carbs, ramping up cardio.


There is no need to make hige changes, as small changes can be just as powerful, and still keep room for movement later. Because the fact is your body is going to adapt and you need to prepare have the ‘cards up your sleeve to play’ when it happens.


Comp Prep: Training


Your training program needs to suits you needs.


This takes into account how often you can train, when you cant train, how you have, and what changes you need to make to your physique.


Training and nutrition need to be matched together, they are not separate plans… its a synergistic plan that everything works together, so that your giving your body the right stimulus at the right time.


Comp Prep: Supplements


This can be minefield for so many, that end up with you emptying your wallet, and not knowing if its making any effect on your results or not.


This is very specific to you and physiology.


They are to do the very thing that are named; they are to supplement your diet. and provide you with the needed nutrients, vitamins, energy and co-factors for yoru body to develop. And with the high stresses of training, dieting and preparing for comp you are depleting your body that your diet cant make up in whole.


The ‘foundation’ stack is what the very common basics are:


  • Omega 3 Fats. Giving your body the essential fatty acids that your body cant synthesis these fats are crucial, and have multiple benefits.


  • Greens Drink – A blend of vegetables and even fruits, this is a power house of nutrition, that is an ‘insurance policy’ to be sure you’re getting the needed nutrition and micronutrients.
  • Amino Acids – This can be BCAA, EAA, Whey or even Brown Rice Protein. The aim here is the have the protein and amino acid building blocks your body needs to recover from training and stimulate metabolism.


Then there are specialised supplements that Im not going to go into depth here, as its a client to client situation I will specially design the supplement protocol for.


  • Glutamine
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Glycine
  • Glucose Disposal Agents
  • Anti Inflammation Promoting Nutrients


Comp Prep: Lifestyle


This is major change that you need to go through.


The extra mile needed for stepping on stage and getting lean enough means you need to make choices to have that happen.


Becoming anti-social because you’re prepping is a no-no from me, you shouldn’t have to. I understand that if certain family or friends art supporting of you doing this, then yes, I would distant myself from the negativity.


Sleep is one factor that is crucial, to recover from workouts,to rejuvenate your brain and energy, sleep needs to become a priority. The benefits of enough and good quality sleep is powerful for making sure you build muscle and are able to burn fat.


There are the other factors such as your work and training schedule, food prep and shopping that will make a dent into your usual week plan, but this is all overcome by some simply planning ahead on your part.


Comp Prep: Peak Week and Show Day


This is a minefield for so many, and with so much voodoo going around with what you should do with water, salt, carbs, training and more with your Peak Week. You can literally ruin your prep with stuffing this up.


Rule Number One for Peak Week; Be in shape.


No matter what you do with salt, or dropping water, and whatever manipulation, you’re not going to get rid of fat, if there is still fat to be burnt. So making sure your lean enough is priority. Then making small adjustments can bring about vascularity and that dryness needed for stage.


Bikini competitors don’t need to go anywhere need the serious side as a bodybuilder will need to go, so when I see what some coaches put through bikini competitors through it blows my mind. You peak week is ever so slight with minimal changes.


This is a heavy topic so not everything will be covered here. There will be a full podcast and video for you to know what you need to on Peak Week.


Comp Prep: Post-Contest and Reverse Dieting


When you step off stage, its time to celebrate, and with the usual thing being cramming all the foods you have deprived yourself of over the last few months, this can be a disaster.


To be honest and up-front, this is the hardest bit for many people. Stepping of stage just means you’re stepping into another plan to follow. You don’t have the ‘pressure’ of getting infront of the cameras on stage, so that inner voice isn’t as strong telling you to keep to your diet.


You need to celebrate and say thanks to the people that have supported you along the way and enjoy some good food. This doesn’t turn into days of letting loose and binge eating, as your body is primed for fat gain.


The usual consensus is that your body is ‘anabolic’ because you’re lean and the condition you’re in. This si 100% true, but your fat cells are also anabolic and ready to take in the energy your stuffing your face with.


Its very important to have a plan coming out of comp – You do not want to ruin weeks and months of hard work, to only look the same or even fatter just weeks from finishing. All my clients get a free reverse diet phase one plan when coming on baord, because its so important.



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