Are you thinking that you want to dive in and start preparing for your first competition, you’re wanting to start your comp prep and turn on your inner athlete to build muscle and shape and ultimately get ‘stage ready lean’.


You want to to achieve stepping on stage in the best shape of your life… you want to wow not just the judges, but the crowd, your friends and family and even yourself.


I applaud anyone that steps up on stage, but the bitter truth is, that there are many that have a horrible, depressing, unhealthy time going into competition in the pursuit of stage condition.


You need to consider so many things that go into exciting and fulfilling experience of showcasing your determination, consistency and hard work on stage.


I want to take you through with this article and more here on what is going to get you in your ultimate condition, plus doing it a healthy way, and not ruining weeks and months of hard work in the post-contest phase.


There are major areas to break this down into:


  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Supplementation
  • Lifestyle
  • Psychology
  • Pre-Contest Peak Week
  • Show Day Nutrition and Prep
  • Post-Contest Phase and Reverse Dieting


There is also the aspects such as posing, stage presence and flexing, tanning and more that are important for show day, but I will focus on having you get to the day focussing on the best physique and mind set.


You need to have all those factors above nailed for you to have the best shape and experience… its very possible, it just a blend of science and art that has you transforming you body week-to-week and then wow’ing the crowd on show day.


Firstly, before we delve into this you have to understand that you have to ask yourself 2 important questions before making the decision of “I am competing”.


Why are you competing?


Whats the goal for you going through this process, as it is a taxing, consuming process on stepping on stage and no one should under play it. Myself going through my first comp was like gritting my teeth through much of it, with more experience and learning the methods and tactics for greater results, it was an enjoyable process.


The hard work and commitment is apart of it, and I believe a great part of the sport, though have seeing people lose friendships and relationships, seriously impede their careers and even worse harm their health… You need to know why.


As this will be the backbone of those tough days, where you grind through your training, make the right choices and stick to your diet.


Are you in good enough shape?


This is a common scenario that happens a lot.


Im into a skype consultation with a potential client that wants to come on board and start their prep. We are going through a lot of detail with past and present diets, training, and I delve into to find more about their metabolism and hormones. Getting everything I need to give the best starting plan and to answer all questions.


…Problem is, when we get to the point that I find out how much food they are eating, the calories and even the carbs/fats are rock bottom. We have a serious problem.


Not being lean and in shape, and not holding the muscle and shape yet your metabolic capacity is “not that great” to be said lightly means you’re starting in a bad position.


The goal from here is to go through a reverse dieting phase, build your metabolic capacity and insulin sensitivity up, so that you are eating more, and don’t have a high frequency of training. this gives us the needed movement to get you in great shape — its just not going to be a 12-week prep.


Comp Prep coaching usually starts at 20-weeks out. This gives everyone the time needed to make great changes, build muscle and shape, take care of weak areas and be able to cut down and get lean the right way.


The ‘off-season’ is where you can do a lot of this, and in my mind thats where you should be staying relatively lean, and making gains.


This being your first competition you haven’t had an official ‘off-season’ yet… though you have been training, eating well and making great changes to your lifestyle. You’re thinking about stepping on stage because you have already transformed your body and want to take it the next level.


Starting a prep does not mean you are 12-weeks out. You can start a prep and be 52-weeks out. Obviously you’re not going to go into the same phases and methods, but the focus is giving the time needed to make the changes you want.


My first recommendation is that you — get in shape first, then decide when to compete.



Read this post HERE to get the specific insights with this


The clients that do the best, come on board and focus on making great changes, getting leaner, being able to easily stay lean, grow muscle and shape, and find the ease of it fitting into their lfiestyle. Then decide when they are already in great shape, that they want to pick a certain comp date, and then its just a few steps away from them to be ‘stage ready’.


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