This is a special episode…

I have the pleasure of going around to Tyler Tolmans home, as he’s close by to where I’m living in Bali. And this gives me the opportunity to show you a behind the scenes for you really taking control of your health.

In this episode we delve into:

The importance of fasting and how you can easily work this into your life and schedule.
How there are 4-phases to each day and how this impacts what you should be doing.
Tyler’s morning routine and how he himself boosts his health.
The importance of detox and how you can help your natural detox system everyday.
Plus so much more.

Your health is so important, and why I want to combine the worlds of “health” and “fitness and fat loss” together by using what myself and Tyler can bring to you.

Join us in the My Body Blends Community after you soak in this episode, to let us know what you’ve taken away from this.

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