Every time I talk with Dr Bob I walk away a better person…

This episode is no different.

From the 7 important steps you can start today to the importance of your food, movement and lifestyle in this episode Dr. Bob Rakowski is going to peel back the truths so you have the simple to follow.

The importance of detox comes through again, and Dr Bob also adds in the importance of detoxing your kitchen to make your life so much easier.

What is the “success from the inside out”
What the Magnificent 7 is – and how to use this in everyday life.
The importance of detox and
The 7 steps to nourish your body and help your natural deter process
Genetics and epigenetics and the importance of your food, movement and lifestyle.

Join us in the My Body Blends Community after you soak in this episode, to let us know what you’ve taken away from this.


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