Do you want to hit the reset button to quickly transform your body…

And know exactly how to eat and train to get lean and build the body you want?

We know what it’s like…

When you’re run down, burnt out and stressed from the everyday living, the only way to get in the body and health you want it to give yourself a kick-start, and this is perfect start to revitalise your body, health and mind.

We specialise in giving you exactly what you need to transform yourself, and keep that ‘new you’ once you get home and thereafter.
This is truly the transformation escape that’s for the real world man and woman wanting to shake off the sluggishness and negativity that we can all get caught up with so easily.

In this episode, we break down how and why we designed these Fat Loss and Body Transformation Camps, to have the –

Fastest and long-lasting results.

That includes:

* The 2-week Priming phase leading into each camp, so you ‘teach’ your body to burn body fat.
* How we use a alternating day carb-cycle and training plan for fast results.
* Why the 12-week ‘post-camp’ plan is broken down into 3 phases.

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