I know, I know… Dieting sucks!

It’s supposed to be easy isn’t it…

Eat less food, and move more.  Burn off more calories than you take in, and the weight falls off, right?

The truth is, this isn’t the whole picture.

And if you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably “tried all the diets”.

Tired of the restrictions, the rules and constant battle of stress and willpower about what to eat and when.

That’s why in this episode I’m going to show you the super-simple way for you to know:

  • What foods to eat at each meal in 4 simple steps.
  • How much to eat, without counting calories.
  • And, how to finally STOP dieting so that you can lose weight.

And, when I say simple.  I mean it… Here are what the members have to say about following this meal plan.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 6.56.49 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 6.57.01 PM

The science is clear with how it works, however;

The mainstream and ‘guru’ advice has you on the yo-yo deprivation diets that only ever work short-term. The scariest part is they can damage your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight in the longer term.

And all the conflicting advice, can leave you with so many freaking decisions to make:

  • Should I go low-carb, or paleo, or gluten-free?
  • How many calories should I be eating to lose weight?
  • Why can so many friends eat what ever they want, and not struggle with weight?
  • Should I do a juice cleanse like so many of my co-workers are on?
  • Can’t I just eat Ben and Jerry’s with a bunch of cookies once in a while?

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Here is the My Body Quiz as mentioned in the episode:

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Today you’re going to learn the basics to a health diet, thats also set up to help you burn off the unwanted weight.  This is so you can stop fretting over so many questions to do with diet, and just happily get on with each day.

When I boiled it down to what works so well for my members that I know are limited with time, want quick results and need a simple plan to follow, these are the basic steps.

And when you understand that, “You can’t out run your fork”.

We can start with basic changes to your meal plan right now, that will have a big impact on how your body can burn body fat.

I get it, because I have been through it all before. Going around in countless circles of trying diets, failing, being confused and fed-up and trying all over again. Until I found out that its not all about calories in, calories out.

Science shows that everything to do with your body burn fat is NOT all about calories in versus calories out.  And that your hormones are an important piece of the puzzle.

Your hormones are key when it comes to your body and health…

They are the powerful chemicals that are doing much of the talking within your body, telling it what to do.  For example, if you have high amounts of insulin (your bodies ‘storage hormone’) you can quickly turn into an anabolic state that shuttles nutrients to fat storage. This is not what we want.

Where as, if you can boost your thyroid, control leptin and promote glucagon; your body is in a prime state to use fat for fuel and you can be losing weight faster than you ever have before.

This is why your health is so important, and why you cannot be depriving your body, eating low calories and grinding away tireless workouts that can just be adding to the stress and mismanagement of your hormones.

And the best way to start balancing your hormones is with the right food choices.

This is why we created the P-V-F-C Meal Plan.

You’re meals are broken down into:

P = Protein

V = Veggies (choosing from the All You Can Eat Carb List)

F = Fats

C = Carbs (your starchy and fruit carbs)

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.59.12 AM

We also use smoothie as a quick and easy way to get a strong punch of nutrition, that taste great and can be easily put together when on the run.

Hundreds use this as a great breakfast option, or a meal during the busy day.

You can use our Low Carb Breakfast Smoothie or our Green Smoothie recipes.

Then there is also treat meals…

Treat Meals – Acute Overfeeding…

Depriving yourself of your favourite foods FOOLS way to lose weight.

You can use large intakes of carbs and your favourite foods to have a better body as a result.  This often seems to good to be true, but its using the hormones and metabolic system to work in your favour to speed fat loss up.

You’ve probably heard of ‘cheat meals’ but you haven’t learnt to use them to stimulate faster fat loss and muscle tissue building.  Often time’s people eat their cheat meals at the wrong times combining the wrong foods ruining the whole week of training and eating.

The more consecutive days in a row you can stick to your nutrition plan, the better the results will be. Period.

This means that for your BEST results, there needs to be a period of “sucking it up” and passing on the pizza, the beer, or the foods that aren’t a part of your nutrition plan.

At the same time, we still want to be able to eat our favourite foods and at the same time when done right we can eat those delicious carbs and have it help our fat loss efforts.

The beauty about getting leaner, gaining lean muscle and increasing insulin sensitivity (all three things our programs do) is that you are going to be able to eat more carbs later.  Also getting leaner, and staying leaner for longer can reset your ‘body fat set point’.  Which means you can stay leaner, with a lot less effort and worries.

In an upcoming episode, I’m going to show you how I myself eat ice-cream, cookies and piles of sweet potato chips to help accelerate fat loss.

To know what foods you can eat, Ive also include a shopping list here for you:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.59.34 AM

Here is an easy to use list of foods so you can put your meals together.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.59.20 AM

Now we can look at;

How Much Do I Eat?

Rather than using the food scales, and trying to do the mental math of calorie counting.  We throw all of that out the window.

My Body Blends is about getting in great shape, and easily getting on with life without our physique goals consuming us. This is why we use the Portion Control Guide.

Click Here to see the portion control guide.

This is how your meals break down:

Protein = Your palm determine your protein.


Vegetables = Your fist determines your veggies.


Fats = Your thumb determines your fats.


Carbs = Your cupped hand determine your carbs.


A general way this then breaks down into how your meals looks is:


This then breaks into how your meals can look:

For Men:

2 palms of protein with each meal.

2 fists of vegetables with each meal.

2 cupped hands of carbs for selected meals.

2 entire thumbs of fat with selected meals.

For Women:

1 palms of protein with each meal.

1 fists of vegetables with each meal.

1 cupped hands of carbs for selected meals.

1 entire thumbs of fat with selected meals.

When you simply know what your meals are made of using the P-V-F-C and you can easily portion size your foods, meal prep and quickly putting together your meals to know it matches what’s needed to give you the body want becomes easy.

How You Can Start Today

This isn’t about dieting for the short-term, this is about how you can enjoy yourself, be confident in your skin and stop the constant stress and frustration.  Sure there might be a special occasion you want to knock peoples socks off when wearing ‘that’ dress, and that’s ok. 

Though you never want to follow a radical diet that can quickly lead to fat-rebound after.  We’ve all experienced fat-rebound.  The horrible case of gaining weight straight after losing it, and it comes back on twice as quick as it came off!

Its scientifically proven why this happens. Your hormones such as leptin and thyroid have been thrown out of whack (technical term), which means you over eat with out knowing, and your body is burning less calories each day through a slower metabolic rate from extreme dieting.

Your actual fat cells can be primed for fat gain in this situation as well which can be reversed when following the right set of guidelines.

This is exactly why we created the My Body Quiz.  So you can be matched with the best meal plan and diet that suits you and your body type.

Take my FREE quiz I designed to discover your best starting meal plan and workout program to show you exactly how to eat and train for the fastest results. → https://mybodyblends.com/free