You hear it ever day scrolling through social media: “The Best Weight Loss Diet!”

You read it in every magazine: “The one secret to fast weight loss!”

You find it on every fitness website: “This is the plan you need to use”.

Let’s face it…

Why do so many smart, committed people struggle to lose weight then…?

You’ve probably asked yourself “Am I doing it right?” when it comes to finally losing the unwanted weight.

As, it can be confusing and frustrating. And thats also why Im going to share with you the ONE factor that actually matters when it comes to your best weight loss plan.

Don’t worry though, as this is why we’ve created the solution to match you with the PERFECT weight loss meal plan and workouts so you finally can see your body changing week-to-week.

The fact is, you’re NOT going to be:

  • Counting calories or trying to do the mental math at each meal.
  • Using a calorie tracking app… and weighing all your foods.
  • Spending $100’s of dollars on supplements that don’t give you results.
  • Wasting hours each week with endless workouts… that just leave you fed up.
  • “Eating clean” the whole time… and battling with hunger and cravings.

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Let me walk you through how to “ditch the one size fits all dieting” and have a plan that is tailored to you, your body and your lifestyle.

If you’re like me and the other members I coach…

You’re busy and you want a plan thats simple to follow.

Thats why we created the My Body Quiz.

Designed for you to discover your best starting meal plan and workout program… that shows you exactly how to eat and train for the fastest results. Click HERE to take the quick quiz and get free access.

I get a bunch of emails and messages a day from people asking me advice on what plan to use.

They’ve usually been working out with P90x, Crossfit, gym classes, a bodybuilding split, yoga, Coach to 5k, 7-minute abs…

Or, using diets such as Zone, Atkins, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Low-Fat and the hundreds of dietary plans to help you lose weight and eat better.

And thats where the ONE factor for successful fat loss needs to be used.

“The BEST weight loss plan is the plan that you actually follow through with.”

Consistency, is the secret ingredient that no one else is wanting to talk about.

The best coaching, workouts, diets, supplements, lifestyle habits don’t mean ANYTHING if you don’t actually follow through with it.

I’m proud to say that the MBB Tribe has helped a ton of people like Chaz, James and Nicole get health and in shape. It ONLY worked for them because they tried it out and it fit in easily with their lifestyles.

That’s why when we boiled it down to what got the best results. For our men and women that had limited time, and needed a simple plan to follow. There are 6 main steps that I give all my members, I use and want to get you using today.

1. You get to tailor your diet to your routine. 

There is no strict “do this not this” when it comes to meal scheduling. We’ve created multiple scenarios that you can tailor to your routine.
2. You don’t have to count calories.

I’ve always hated counting calories. It makes a nutrition plan that much harder to follow. So we’re not going to do it. We show you what to eat and when, and the guidelines are set up in such a way that is super simple to follow.
3. You get to cheat.

We all have our favourite foods we want to enjoy. What most people don’t know is that there are actually ways we can use these foods (i.e those yummy carbs) to our fat loss advantage, not to our detriment.
4. You’re going to be able to sustain.

Most diets, especially for men, aren’t sustainable. This isn’t so much a diet, as a way of eating that you can maintain -easily – for the rest of your life. Your results don’t have to stop, ever.
5. You’re going to feel the changes within the first 2 weeks.

You won’t have to wait long to feel, and see the changes that this guide is making to your physique. Many of my members begin to see real, visible changes within the first 2 weeks.
6. You’ll have support.

I’m actually going to be with you every step of the way, answering questions and with the private group to give you the expert guidance.


“Eating right to look and feel better” is not about what a book, guru or mainstream media tell you. It would be sexy for me to give you a one page meal plan and you follow that forever to get in amazing shape…

Your mum was right; You are special.

It’s time to recognise your bio-individuality and there’s no one size fits all diet.

It’s shown by researchers Eran Elinav and Eran Segal of the Weizman Institute of Science that people can metabolise the exact same foods in very different ways.

You and I have a very different response to the variety of foods we eat and how it impacts our blood sugar levels. Some foods can dramatically raise and keep elevated your blood sugar levels which can increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, obesity and other metabolic syndrome issues.

Most books, diets and weight loss programs want to just give you a piece of paper with a meal plan telling you what to eat. Without any reference to age, gender, body composition, hormonal environment, lifestyle or personal preference.

Let me give you a perfect example of this; We all know someone that can just eat and eat. Devouring carbs all day long and not put on any weight. Yet you know if you ate like they did, that you would be getting wider and heavier by the day.

Though what so many people don’t know is that there is no perfect way of eating that will work for you all the time. As your life and physiology changes, so does your nutritional needs.

This is where foods you once loved, don’t agree with you anymore. Why you may need to eat more fats and less carbs depending on your hormonal, training and lifestyle changes.

This is where we can look to 3 easy ‘symptoms’ for how your body is reacting with the way you are eating.

Hunger… Are you getting hungry throughout the day soon after meals, or just never feeling satisfied?
Cravings… Are you wanting to dive head first into chocolate, carbs or the exact foods you’re trying to avoid?
Energy… Do you feel lethargic and low on energy throughout the day, especially in the afternoon?

These are 3 ways you’re body is telling you if you’re way of eating is working for you or not.

The other important ‘symptom’ we want to look is your actual body composition changes. Are you losing or gaining body fat?

Thats why we start with a ‘priming phase’…

Phase 1; Metabolic Prime

Phase 1 is the PERFECT 7-day cycle to start because it RESETS your body’s fat burning switch by turning OFF your addiction to burning sugars, while reprogramming your body to use fat FIRST every time you eat and move.

This is known as becoming “FAT ADAPTED”. And once you make the switch, they’ll be no turning back.

The 7 Day Metabolic Prime serves several essential metabolic purposes that will reprogram your metabolism for long term fat loss.

This jumpstart is essential for your success because it serves as the springboard that will move you through the next three cycles. You’ll automatically look and feel leaner while you visually SEE your belly get flatter in just the first few days.


Honestly, I want you to be happy healthy and not worrying about your food. there is so much more to life than counting calories and stressing over if you can eat your favourite foods.

Thats why when we match you with the best starting meal plan and workout, you can follow the simple plan, have confidence and get on with your day.

Click the “next page” link below to get full access to it and ill see you on this inside.