Are you confused with trying to figure out the mental math of calories, macro nutrients and what the best fat loss program for you is…?

This is exactly why I bring on Raymond Querido onto the show today to break down how you can understand how simple your training and diet can be.

From being able to burn fat week-to-week, to making small steps that make big changes – you’re going to have the practical steps that you can use today to start seeing results quickly.

In this episode we delve into:

How many times a week you should be training to be getting leaner week-to-week.
How to understand the steps that is ‘diet design’ to suit you and your body.
Why making small changes each week can be far better to be losing weight consistently.
How to AVOID the biggest mistakes people make that can slow or stop your fat loss efforts.

I’m really looking forward to you joining us in the My Body Blends Community after you soak in this episode, to let us know what you’ve taken away from this.

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