Don’t Hire A Personal Trainer and Make This Mistake

The truth is… I hire a personal trainer and coach for myself. When I was first training for my first fitness model competition I had other trainers constantly perplexed that I was having another coach write my diet and programs. “Why… you’re a physique coach yourself?” That’s not the point. Watch The Full-Episode Here: [Get [...]

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The Female Fitness Contest Prep Success Guide

Want to get in the best shape of your life? ...and step on stage as a Fitness or Bikini Model?     If you already are a fitness competitor or aspiring to step on stage its important to being the know about the best ways you can get in great shape, look stunning on stage [...]

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The Ultimate Guide For Contest Prep

Imagine after weeks and months of hard work, gruelling training sessions, sticking to your diet and saying no to many things… and its just weeks out from your comp day.   The realisation hits you like a slap in the face “I’m not lean enough”… what do you do?   Do you pull out of [...]

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The 1 Rule of Why You Should Not Compete

I admire anyone that puts in the effort, has the consistency and steps on stage, and compete as a Bikini, Fitness, Muscle Model or Figure or Bodybuilder.   Its an achievement that only a very small percentage of people truly understand. The hours, effort and energy required to do so baffles a lot of people as [...]

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