How You Cultivate Gratitude and Happiness with UJ Ramdas

What do you want...?! Is it - happiness? Whatever 'success' that we want to create whether it's losing weight and getting into shape, making more money, having better relationships, being in great health - It's to make us 'happier'. And building a sense of gratitude... right NOW is what you can be doing to become [...]

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3-Simple Carb Cycling Diets with Shelby Starnes

The simple truths Shelby Starnes brings to you in this episode will save you a lot of time, stress and money... Firstly, clearing away the confusion. I open up with Shelby to uncover why so many people are asking the wrong questions to when it comes to getting lean. ...and what you REALLY need to [...]

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The Simple Steps To Getting Super Lean with Scott Stevenson

Does it have to be hard and confusing for you to get in great shape...? NO! This is why I bring on Scott Stevenson on the show to peel back the truths for when it comes to dieting and training down to get to low levels of body fat. I love that Scott touches upon [...]

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Breaking Down The Fitness Fads (so you can use what works) with Nick Tumminello

Nick Tumminello is a coach and a man I highly respect and have been following for many years. Just some of the brilliance behind what Nick does is break down hard science and topics that can leave your head-spinning into easy to understand and use advice. This is a sign of someone truely being a [...]

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How To Level Up Your Life with Mark Buckley | My Body Blends Podcast

Do you know how to 'self parent' yourself...? This concept was only opened up to me by talking with Mark Buckley a few months ago. And I knew that I had to bring on Mark to walk you through what I believe is one of the most important skills you can work on for yourself... [...]

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The Truths In HOW To Get The Body You Want with Craig Harper

Amazing... This episode is nothing short of amazing, and I am so happy I get to bring this episode to you today. I had the pleasure of first meeting Craig earlier this year as we both spoke at an event in Australia. His entire message I loved and resonated with, and knew that he was [...]

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The Success Mindset with Kat Loterzo

Todays episode is a eye-opener... I bring on good friend and someone I have A LOT of love and respect for. Kat Loterzo is making a huge impact in peoples lives and it's the advice and real-world steps that she is using that you can, to catapult your own success. Your mindset is one of [...]

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The Truths To Juicing, Fat Loss and Happiness with Drew Canole

This is a special episode for me... 1. Because I've got a man crush on Drew Canole. 2. We get into some very important topics that clear up the confusion on what you need to be doing day-to-day to - lose the weight, and really start taking care of your health like we know we [...]

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The Great Cardio Myth with Craig Ballantyne

Are you training hard...? But, NOT losing the weight or seeing the body changes you want? It’s common for us to think that our calories in vs calories out formula is how we calculate how much cardio we are to do, right? Wrong! This is not necessarily indicative of how our bodies will respond to [...]

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Why Your Lab Results Matter with Reed Davis

  Are you struggling to lose weight...? Or, you're just not seeing the body changes you want from your hard work? Or maybe, you're struggling with brain fog, sleep issues, gut problems...? It might be what Reed Davis refers to as "metabolic chaos". ...and this is why Im very thankful to be sharing this interview [...]

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