Flow State and Psychedelics with Jiro Taylor

This episode is very personal to me... Let me be honest. There's been an itch of a question that has been consuming me. And it's been; How do I become the best version of me...? ...to truly start living and serving more. ...to step up and stop thinking small. ...to go through each day being [...]

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Getting Strong And Looking Better With Michael Farr

Find Your Perfect Starting Weight Loss Diet and Workout Plan Here → My Body Blends How can you get strong... and have it improve your performance and physique? This is exactly why I bring on Michael Farr onto the show, to peel back what really matters when it comes to your strength training. A top [...]

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Unveiling Intermittent Fasting And Ketogenic Diets With Jimmy Moore

If you're struggling to lose the weight... You've "tried all the diets" and you can seem to shake off the 'hard to lose' fat, then this episode is going to give you some real insights for what you can start today. With perfect timing, I've been experimenting with two different types of intermittent fasting and [...]

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What REALLY Matters To You Building Muscle and Burning Fat with Vince Del Monte

Excited, is an understatement when it comes to how I feel to being able to give you today's episode. We delve into some of the most important points I believe is needed for when it comes to you getting into the body shape you want... and staying in and shape with ease. Vince Del Monte [...]

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Success From The Inside Out with Dr Bob Rakowski

Every time I talk with Dr Bob I walk away a better person... This episode is no different. From the 7 important steps you can start today to the importance of your food, movement and lifestyle in this episode Dr. Bob Rakowski is going to peel back the truths so you have the simple to [...]

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The Simple Way To Faster Weight Loss with Yuri Elkhaim

What if you getting into great shape, was easy?! We understand, its confusing with all the conflicting advice, diets and weight loss programs that you're head can spin when you try answer "whats the best weight loss plan for me?" This is exactly we publish this show for you, and exactly why I bring on [...]

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The Guide To Fasting and Detox with Tyler Tolman

This is a special episode... I have the pleasure of going around to Tyler Tolmans home, as he's close by to where I'm living in Bali. And this gives me the opportunity to show you a behind the scenes for you really taking control of your health. In this episode we delve into: The importance [...]

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How To Design Your Own Fat Loss Program with Raymond Querido

Are you confused with trying to figure out the mental math of calories, macro nutrients and what the best fat loss program for you is...? This is exactly why I bring on Raymond Querido onto the show today to break down how you can understand how simple your training and diet can be. From being [...]

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Why It’s NOT About Calories For Weight Loss with Jonathan Bailor

Tired of counting calories to lose weight...? Then, STOP! Jonathan Bailor who wrote the famous; The Calorie Myth. Comes onto the show to peel back the truth to what REALLY matters for you to lose the weight and keep it off. Its scary that 95.4% of people fail at losing weight and keeping it off... [...]

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Why Your Mitochondria and Health Matters with Dr Bryan Walsh

This is an episode I am VERY excited to be sharing with you today... For a few months, I've been obsessed with trying to soak up as much as possible of what Dr Bryan Walsh is sharing. And, there's a very good reason for this... His perspective and moulding together of what "really matters" when [...]

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