How To Achieve What You Want with Pete Cohen

  Do you want to simple truths to what "really matters" for you being able to achieve what you want...? Whether its; a better body, finances, relationships or more... Pete Cohen and I dive into how this can happen. This is NOT some 'woo-woo' positive thinking approach. This is a practical how to get you [...]

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How Many Carbs Should I Eat To Lose Weight?

Chances are you’ve tried the low carb approach… If you’re confused with what and how much to eat so that you can be seeing your body change, losing the weight week-to-week then - Let me walk you through right now the 6-steps to how to have a smart carb meal plan. Now I was actually [...]

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Rapid Fat Loss Diet: For Long-Term Weight Loss

Are you confused or frustrated from previous fat loss diets and weight loss plan’s you’ve tried…? You’re certainly not alone if you answered yes! And here is the bitter truth: The “eat less, exercise more” model of weight loss has not worked. The reason? Calories are not the whole answer! You’ve been told to count [...]

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How To Lose Over 13kg of Fat In 10 Weeks

Let me introduce you to Chaz... He's inspired me, and that's why I want to bring you today's episode. Chaz is a client in the custom coaching and has lost over 13kg or 28.6 pounds of fat in 10 weeks. Today being the exact 10 weeks mark of us working together, I wanted to interview him to [...]

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What Is The Best Diet To Lose Weight? (with Free 7-Day Meal Plan)

Let’s be honest… We’re busy, there’s stress in our lives and we can’t just press stop on our families, work and social life to lose weight. This is why traditional diets don’t work - it’s like trying to fit a triangle through a square hole. It just doesn’t fit… You need a plan that fit’s [...]

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The Ultimate Get Lean Guide… The 3 BIG Mistakes To Avoid

Here’s What to Do When You’ve Tried Everything and Nothing Has Worked to Give You the Body You Really Want.   If you really want to get in great shape, burn off body fat and reveal your abs without spending hours in the gym... and without following strict diets that can be setting you up for 'fat [...]

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Weight Loss is NOT about nutrition… Ditch the dieting and use THIS

Have you ever asked yourself; “why is a smart person like myself, so stuck with losing this weight?” If you feel like no matter what diet you try, or how hard you work - you’re still frustrated with not being able to lose the unwanted weight - It’s NOT YOUR FAULT! The scary truth is: [...]

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3 Things NOT To Do When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

If you’ve ever wondered why the last few pounds are the hardest to lose, or… Why, no matter how hard you try, or what diet you follow, stubborn fat is always hanging around your love handles, hips and thighs? Discover The 5 Simple Steps That Reveal The 3 Things You Absolutely MUST AVOID To Be [...]

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Eat These Foods To Burn Belly Fat the TRUTH

Maybe you’ve felt this too... You start out strong. You’re confident “this time” you’re going to lose the weight and keep it off. You pick a “diet” and dig in. At first it seems doable. Then the rules get confusing. You get busy. All of a sudden fighting the endless food restrictions, calorie counts, ounces [...]

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Intermittent Fasting Beginners Guide… PLUS How NOT To Go Hungry.

Are You Serious…? This was my reaction when I first came in contact with the opinion and information that fasting was good for fat loss and multiple health factors. “…but, my metabolism will drop, and I’ll lose muscle if I’m not eating!” This was soon to become the end of the dogmatic, closed mind that [...]

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