Let’s be honest…

You (and me) are going to drink alcohol.

And, we’ve been told that wine is one of the best options.

With one of the biggest problems in the “weight loss industry” being unrealistic diets and programs that give you near-impossible rules and guidelines…

…It’s easy to get frustrated and confused so what it is you should be doing.

And when it comes to wine… it is a common thread through society and how we celebrate and live.

That’s exactly why I bring on Todd White from Dry Farm Wines, a top expert into what is the best wine you can be drinking for your health.

Plus we cover, how you can have quality wines that DON’T have additives and chemicals.

And, how you can have wines that are richer in the health benefits!




FYI… Todd also gives My Body Blends listeners the special that includes a $00.01 bottle of wine here – http://dryfarmwines.com/mybodyblends

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