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Why Your Mitochondria and Health Matters with Dr Bryan Walsh

This is an episode I am VERY excited to be sharing with you today... For a few months, I've been obsessed with trying to soak up as much as possible of what Dr Bryan Walsh is sharing. And, there's a very good reason for this... His perspective and moulding together of what "really matters" when [...]

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12 Habits of Ultra Successful People w/ Aaron Kennard

Why do smart, committed people NOT get results...? Why can we know EXACTLY what to do... but NOT do it? The results you get are from the action you take, and the actions you take are from the habits and thoughts you have. This is why in this episode Aaron breaks down the 12 Habits [...]

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The Psychology Of Eating For Weight Loss with Marc David

I'm very pumped to be able to share this interview with you today... As Marc David says in this episode, and I fully agree... 98% of people FAIL to lose weight and keep it off. And this is a sad statistic, though it clearly shows that the traditional or common method to weight loss is [...]

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Mindset Of Fitness and Physique Success with Rog Law

You're going to love this episode... YES, I'm slightly biased. But you're going to see that Rog Law walks you through some of the most important nuggets of gold that we can all use. As for when it comes to you, me and everyone else wanting to achieve a better body, or attain greater success [...]

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Why The 5-A’s Changed My Life (and will change yours) with George Bryant

This is one of my favorite interviews... As it truly hit my heart strings and gave me steps I used in my own life straight away. It was an absolute pleasure in bringing this interview with George Bryant to you, as we get into the deep and meaningful that you can put into action today. [...]

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Achieving The Impossible with Joel Runyon

Do you want to achieve more in your life..? It could be to; shape the body you want, or get leaner, or earn more money, or have better relationships, or to run a marathon... What ever it is that you do want to achieve, and you haven't done it yet.  Have you asked yourself: Why? [...]

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How To Fast Track Your Fat Loss and Muscle with Damon Hayhow

Having first had the pleasure of meeting Damon many years ago as I was being accredited with a nutrition certification, Damon has been a trusted source of real-world advice that I highly respect. I bring Damon on in this episode to showcase his immense experience and knowledge to delve into; * The biggest mistakes to [...]

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Radical Fat Loss Plan Unveiled | My Body Blends Podcast

Do you want to hit the reset button to quickly transform your body... And know exactly how to eat and train to get lean and build the body you want? We know what it's like... When you’re run down, burnt out and stressed from the everyday living, the only way to get in the body [...]

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Can You Drink Wine and Lose Weight?

Let's be honest... You (and me) are going to drink alcohol. And, we've been told that wine is one of the best options. With one of the biggest problems in the "weight loss industry" being unrealistic diets and programs that give you near-impossible rules and guidelines... ...It's easy to get frustrated and confused so what [...]

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Shady Supplement Industry Insights with Ryan Munsey

Are you confused when you walk into a sports supplements store...? Or... When it comes to what supplements you should be taking, or even what can you trust? You're not alone! This is why I bring on Ryan Munsey back onto the show to give you a look behind the curtain and into the truths [...]

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