You have been sticking your weight loss diet…

Training hard and getting to the gym…

…and NOT seeing the body changes you want?



If you’re confused with what you need to be doing reshape your body and burn off the unwanted weight, its time to change, and follow whats proven to work.


This is why we recorded this series of interviews, where I show you why you’re body isn’t changing, and what the small, yet powerful changes are you can use.


Firstly… your not alone.


This is something I hear ALL the time, and there are certainly ways around it.


“I’ve tried al the diets, I’ve done it all”… is this you?


Because you need realize that you HAVE NOT tried it all.


If you are no in the body you want, there are two reasons why:


1)   You’re not following the plan

2)   You’re following the wrong plan


Unless your self sabotaging yourself and justifying slip ups with diet or missed training sessions then you need to fix that.


BUT.. what if


“I am doing everything ‘right’… and I’m not changing.


Then this episode where I get interviewed, is the first part of three delving into what YOU REALLY NEED to be doing.


Zoe from ZOMT interviews me for a 3 part series all on…


Why You’re NOT Losing Weight Despite Doing Everything Right




  • How going low carb for too long affects your body and hormones.
  • Why the combination of too low calories and too much training is a recipe for disaster.
  • How to get back on track with eating a balanced nutritious diet.
  • Simple strategies to get you progressing steadily.



Show Notes:

0:31 Episode intro

1:01 Three part series background

1:59 Zoe’s Hyper fluorescent pink jumper

2:30 How to deal with the diet dilemma

3:04 Low carbs, low calories

3:24 The double edged sword of low carb diets

3:42 Is there a safer way to do it?

7:35 Why carbs should still be in the diet

8:28 The carb cycle

8:56 When should you tweak your diet?

10:09 Do you really need a coach?

11:08 The role of hormones in your body

12:50 Ever heard of Gluco neogenesis?

15:41 Consider the variables in your diet

16:48 Find the balance between being realistic and idealistic

20:13 If you have a personal trainer, ask questions!

25:25 Don’t eat crap food

29:18 Let’s talk about calories

32:38 The limited food and the ten finger diet

33:24 You have to be healthy the whole time

34:53 Why you must be patient and consistent

35:18 Keeping healthy needs a proper plan


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