The Fat Loss Solution given to you here is the simple to follow, proven plan made to re-shape your body… without the confusion.


Learn how to combine how athletes have world-class performance and be in incredible shape for your own health and body.

Ryan is a coach I have tremendous respect and love for. He has the vast experience and expertise which is why in this episode we cover so many great takeaways that you can start using from today.

Being able to bring about top rate results for athletic performance and body composition, we give you the insights into how you can have faster, effective weight loss and muscle building by applying these tips and tactics.


Show notes:

0:31 FLP Intro

1:51 Question for the week

3:54 Who is the Legendary Ryan?

4:18 My early year motivation and obsession

5:46 How I got into training military airmen

8:53 The operational output

9:48 The biggest equation to losing body fats

11:49 Your physique will be a reflection of the people you’re around in the gym

13:42 What can a bodybuilder learn from a sprinter?

14:12 The fast twitch fibers

14:45 What’s cool about sprinting?

16:30 Let’s talk about “minimal effective dose”

16:49 Sustain your enthusiasm in training

18:18 Ryan’s edge over other coaches

19:04 Why the passion to learn makes all the difference

21:37 What is metabolic complex

26:20 The rocks in the jar

27:16 Why you ought to build more muscle mass

31:31 Combo split

33:25 Stop the donuts first

34:46 The Mechanical Engineer

36:08 What makes the Fat Loss Solution so effective?

37:44 Get rid of fast food meals in your main food groups

41:43 Put your body in a fat burning environment

42:37 400 meter sprints

43:52 Spot reduction

44:43 How to get a different body in 2 months

45:33 How to get in touch with Ryan


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