If you are wanting to get in  GREAT shape or are a Personal Trainer, this is for you.


You are going to take a lot away by listening with my special guest which is also a great mate of mine.


Mark Coles is an industry leading coach that also runs and owns M10 a UK based results driven personal training facility.


I’m not even going to blabber on about what is in this, the shoe notes scratches the surface and I know you are going to love this.


Show Notes

0:51 Intro

2:38 Who is Mark Coles?

4:55 Reminiscing the first meeting

7:00 Personal training is a business

10:09 The clear signs of your passion

11:43 Build education around your passion

13:44 A unique way of delivering information

15:06 Who is a confident trainer

15:25 What defines a good trainer

17:18 What to look for in a trainer

17:51 Looking for results? Go to a private trainer!

20:33 Are you in shape but clueless?

23:35 What to do when you’re being drawn away from your passion

26:13 Learn everything but don’t forget to follow the path that you want to be successful at

28:40 Whatever you want to be good at, practice it yourself!

28:59 Mark’s biggest resources

30:04 Precision Nutrition Certification

31:05 Don’t underestimate interning or consulting

32:44 Want quality answers? Ask the right questions!

35:03 Success tip: Do a business assessment

36:39 Be a 10!

38:21 How to best stay in touch with Mark

38:44 Closing thoughts



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