Emily Skye shows you the real-world insights into how to be in shape and take care of your health the right way.


These are the truths unveiled with Emily Skye showing you how to eat, workout and stop counting calories.


Don’t fall prey to all the fads and the hype, and follow the proven to work recipe that Emily and I showcase here for you.


Depriving yourself and having the constant struggles with your body and shape is just one of the many things Emily squashes in this episode.


You are going to learn how to have the right mindset, stop being pressured to be ‘perfect’ and what a truly ‘healthy lifestyle’ is.




0:40 Episode intro

5:53 Who is Emily Skye and how it all started

7:47 Change your mindset, keep a positive perspective

8:30 The cardio bunny

11:21 Treat your exercise as a lifestyle

13:27 Food relationship

15:30 Understanding your numbers and the food you eat

16:32 Stop counting calories

17:11 Know the difference between lifestyle and competition

24:35 Why the before and after is the best measure of your success

28:16 Healthy food and active lifestyle is the key

29:25 Get rid of the idea of being perfect

31:37 What is a healthy lifestyle?

34:20 Stop the pressure to be perfect

38:51 Where to learn more about Emily Skye


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