Uncovering the secret world of food addiction and the problems we can all fall prey to.


This episode is going to ruffle some feathers…


We delve into topics that many don’t want to talk about.  But this is HUGELY important for the health and happiness for so many.


Especially as I suffered from eating problems which could be called a disorder earlier in my life.


Eating addiction is a serious problem in the health and fitness world, from wanting to lose a few pounds to physique and fitness competitors this is an issue no one wants to talk about – but we need to.


I bring Vera on who specializes in this world to help you see symptoms, make changes and have you getting and staying in shape in a truly ‘healthy way’.


…If you’re like me, you will be blown away by the truth in this interview.




0:53 Episode intro

5:40 Who is Vera?

6:16 What is food addiction? Diagnosis and Prognosis

7:49 Engineered food

10:01 The symptoms of food addiction

13:22 The case with fitness competitors

14:26 Sports foods and sports drinks – good or bad?

16:15 Vera’s advice for those who want to combine diet + exercise

18:52 Identify your trigger foods

19:50 The do’s and dont’s with cheat meals

22:53 Can other addictions lead to food addiction?

26:08 The mechanism of addiction

27:41 Steps to resolve your addiction

30:27 Why addiction is a point of no return

32:07 Where to find Vera

32:36 Final Words



Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction

Addictions Unplug – www.addictionsunplug.com


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