From water fasting for 40-days to Tylers own daily detox routine, you are going to discover how to cleanse yourself.


Intermittent fasting is a hot topic, where both Tyler and I see so many people getting it wrong, and in this episode we are going to unveil how Tyler does it himself and with his clients.


After seeing his own protocols and work, it was a great pleasure to bring on Tyler who also lives in Bali to showcase the insights will have you wanting to take serious action for your own health today.



0:43 Episode intro

5:53 Who is Tyler Tolman

7:24 The influence of Tyler’s father on his health perspective

12:49 The eyes are the gateway to our internal health

13:17 Marks in the eyes and what they mean

15:05 Bags under the eyes and how they’re related to your adrenals

16:32 Tyler’s thoughts about intermittent fasting

19:25 Four channels of elimination

21:12 Tyler’s daily detoxification routine

22:52 The appropriation stage

23:48 The process of maximizing assimilation

26:36 Two most effective things for long life and youth

29:35 The strongest man on the planet

32:15 Levels of detoxification

33:00 Understanding nutrition

37:09 Tyler’s recommendation

38:29 Where do people go wrong with colon cleansing

41:46 Tyler’s stand on dairy’s

44:17 General media stream advice

45:56 Where to learn more about Tyler


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